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Setting the Mood with Color at Your Next Trade Show

Using Colors to Set the Mood

  • The color scheme you select for your trade show booth is critical
  • Many colors are associated with temperature or with certain emotions
  • You should consider color selection to be one more item in your “marketing arsenal”

The color scheme you select for your trade show booth is critical. Color affects our perceptions of a space, so when planning your booth, choose your colors carefully. If you’ve hired an exhibit designer, the designer can help determine the most appropriate color scheme for your booth based on your overall corporate colors, your marketing goals, and your color preferences. Don’t forget the flooring. The right flooring color in your exhibit will enhance (or diminish) your trade show booth design. .

How individuals react to colors depends on their cultural, historical, and personal background. A great deal of research has been conducted surrounding the psychology of color. However, in Western societies, the following is generally found to be true.

Recent Studies

A recent study published in Nature analyzed the effect of uniform color on athletes, such as soccer players, boxers, and wrestlers. The study concluded that athletes wearing red won more than sixty percent of the time. The scientists who conducted the study were convinced that the red uniforms gave the winning team a psychological edge. However, unless the client is Coca-Cola, most designers use red as an accent color rather than the primary color since red often evokes such strong emotions.

Many colors are associated with temperature or with certain emotions.These are culturally derived meanings can have a very real affect on people. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow are considered “warm” colors and can have a stimulating effect. The New York Times recently published an article concerning color schemes for schools and found that reds, yellows, and oranges were often used in hallways to “speed up children in halls and gyms.” Yellow, in particular, is often used in postcard marketing campaigns because studies have determined that recipients read yellow postcards more than any other color.

Other Colors

Blues and greens are considered “cool” colors and can have a calming effect, especially when combined with fluorescent lighting. Blues and grays are also associated with ice, snow, or winter. If your company sells snow skis for example, you might want to consider using these colors. Gray and beige, are more neutral colors, and have associations as well. Gray or silver can take on a futuristic, “gee-whiz” connotation. Beiges and browns can be used to suggest a nostalgic, retro feel in a booth. White can be used to create a more expansive feel in a space, while black creates a more confined feel.

Factor in your company’s home base or the location of the show when considering color schemes. If your company is based in the Southwest, browns and tans might work for you. Or, if the trade show is located near the coast, consider blues or greens. You should consider color selection to be one more item in your “marketing arsenal” as you compete for the customer’s attention at a busy trade show or corporate event.

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Mel White, CEI

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